Nov 2020

Some foods are harmful by nature. While there are some foods that are very beneficial and health-enhancing alone, when taken with other foods, they harm health rather than benefits. These are called VIRUDH AAHAR. There is a risk of many diseases due to taking diet against it. Because these type of food contaminate RASA , RAKAT DHATU , increase DOSHAS and do not exclude feces from the body.
Because in Ayurveda it is said that by continuously consuming food against this type, they gradually cause side effects on the body and keep contaminating Dhatus. Thus, antidiarrheal causes many diseases. These Virudh Aahar are of many types, such as-
1-DESH VIRUDH ( Abstinence from the point of view of the country): - It is forbidden to eat moist, greasy, cold-grounded things in moisture-intensive places.
2- MOSAM VIRUDH (Anti-weather wise):- Eating cold and dry things in winter is harmful for health.
3-PACHAN AGNI VIRUDH (Digestive-fire): -For example, a person with low pachan agni should not consume heavy, greasy, cold and sweet juices or sweet food.
4- MATRA VIRUDH (In terms of quantity):- Taking equal amount of honey and ghee is like poison, but taking different amounts is considered nectar.
5- DOSHA VIRUDH (From the point of view of DOSHAS):- people like Vata-nature should not consume Vata enhancers and those with Kapha-nature should not consume Kapha-enhancing substances.
6-SAMSKARA OR PAK VIRUDH (From the point of view of reaction with metal) :-Eating sour foods like copper or brass utensils.
7-VIREY VIRUDH ( From the point of view of potency): Eating cold potency with hot potency substances, such as - Cold serene orange, Moussmi, Pineapple etc. should be consumed with curd or lassi
8- PACHAN VIRUDH (On the basis of digestion):- Some people have very poor digestive system, due to which they give very strict bowel movements. Today most people suffer from constipation and have difficulty in bowel movements. Such people should not take things that increase constipation, increase vata and phlegm. Apart from this, people who do not have any difficulty in bowel movement. Whose excreta is processed in liquid form. They should not consume head and laxatives.The benefits of celery in relieving digestive disorders
9 SARIRIK AWASTHA KI DRISHTI SE ( From the point of view of the physical condition):- like- the intake of greasy substances (ghee, butter, oil etc.) by fat people ie obese persons and weak and mild (small) foods should not be consumed by weak humans.
10- NISHED KI DRISHTI SE (From the point of view of prohibition) - After the consumption of certain special substances which are prohibited some other substance must be consumed. Violation of this rule is prohibitive from the point of view. For example, consuming cold water etc. after ghee, while after ghee, it is the rule to take hot water or hot drinks. Drinking cold water with hot food made of wheat and barley, exercising after meals, etc.
11 -SANYOGE KI DRISHTI SE (FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF COMBINATION PROPERTIES):- Incidentally- eating some substances together or in combination is inconsiderate, such as eating sour substances with milk, melon with milk, salted substances with milk.
12-RUCHI VIRUDH ( From the point of interest )- To eat food that does not feel good and to eat interesting food without interest.
What not to eat with (Food Combinations to Avoid):
1 With milk: curd, salt, radish, radish leaves, other raw lettuce, horseradish, tamarind, cantaloupe, belfal, coconut, lemon, gooseberry, berries, pomegranate, amla, jaggery, tilakut, urad, sattu, oil and other types Do not eat sour fruits or sour things, fish etc.
2 With curd: Do not eat kheer, milk, cheese, hot food, and hot food, cucumber, melon etc.
3 With Kheer: Do not eat jackfruit, sour (curd, lemon, etc.), sattu, alcohol etc.
4 With honey: Ghee (equal amount of old ghee), rain water, oil, fat, grapes, lotus seeds, radishes, hot water, hot milk or other hot substances, sugar (sugar syrup) etc. It is also harmful to consume honey by heating it.
5 Do not eat things like ghee, oil, hot milk or hot substances, watermelon, guava, cucumber, cucumber, peanuts, chilgoza etc. with cold water.
6 Do not consume honey, kulfi, ice cream and other soft foods with hot water or hot drinks.
7 Along with Ghee - Do not consume equal amount of honey, cold water.
8 Do not consume garlic, curd, milk, radish leaves, water etc. with melon.
9 With watermelon - cold water, peppermint etc.
10 Do not eat vinegar with rice.
11 Salt- It is harmful to eat in large amounts for a long time.
12 Do not eat radish with urad dal.
13 Along with banana - drinking whey is harmful.
14 Ghee - Ghee kept in a bronze vessel for ten days or more becomes toxic.
15 Milk, Sura, Khichdi - food mixed with these three is antithetical.
Consumption of food against this type causes the body's DOASHA and DHATUS to become unbalanced, resulting in many types of diseases. Therefore, food should be consumed after considering all these.
Those who keep on eating the diet against the above, their DOSHA , DHATU and MALA etc. get distorted. They can be victims of many of the following diseases:
1 Dermatitis
2 Food poisoning
3 Impotence
4 Stomach Water (ASCITES)
5 Big boils
6 Bhagandar ( FISTULA)
7 Diabetes
8 Stomach disorders
9 Piles
10 Leprosy, White Stain
11 TB
12 common cold